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We design and set up sensors, data acquisition devices and software that are used to control and monitor test rigs.

With the cost and importance of testing being so high you need to be sure your test rig instrument devices and supporting data acquisition system is not only ready on time but fit for purpose.

Today's test cell environment requires the highest level of efficiency and flexibility. We deliver a data acquisition system addresses these needs with its ability to be scaled to precise test requirements.

You need a system that is innovative and reliable that has been designed to meet current and future testing requirements.

MeasurePoint. We can provide the systems and expert personnel to ensure you get accurate and reliable data.

Instrumentation and Mechanical Support

We provide a complete field test service, offering on-site support at demanding, and often remote test sites. We instrument test articles, route cables, configure data acquisition systems, monitor and record data, reduce data, and write test reports. We have conducted tests on combustion engines, in test cells, at power stations, and at manufacturing facilities.

Tests are conducted in the UK and internationally and range in durations from hours to many months of support.

Data Acquisition Software and Support

We use a robust, powerful and flexible Data Acquisition Control and Monitoring System developed in-house to meet the needs of the most demanding testing environments. In addition to our feature rich data acquisition client we create custom LabVIEW applications (virtual instruments) to the customer’s application needs. These VIs are easily loaded into our DAQ Client.

Data can be acquired and analyzed real-time, allowing for decisions regarding the test program to be made immediately. In addition the data can be digitized and presented to the customer in electronic format during testing and/or transmitted electronically to off-site engineers for review.