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We provide software, hardware and assembly to successfully integrate components into a new or existing system.

In a data rich environment that's constantly changing and improving, you need a data acquisition system that can adapt and benefit from future technologies.

A data acquisition system that is robust enough to cope with the demands of your requirements combined with the flexibility to take advantage of new trends and technologies as they emerge.

A data acquisition system that is scalable to support your requirements now and future business growth.

MeasurePoint. You can expect us to react to the unexpected.

System Integration

MeasurePoint specialise in system integration of a variety of hardware, using software or hardware or a combination of both. Although experts in National Instruments hardware we have integrated a number of other hardware modules into new or existing systems. This list of hardware includes pressure modules, gas analysers, pulsation systems, windows-based hardware control hardware, etc. These solutions have been integrated over a range of communication methods including GPIB, RS232, Ethernet (TCP-IP), Modbus, Profibus amongst others.

We have integrated complete solutions from a simple Data acquisition card plugged into a laptop to a complete Combustion Test Facility measurement and control data acquisition system.

Turnkey Solutions

Our system integration capabilities are supplemented by our in house electrical, engineering and software services. These capabilities allow us to provide "turnkey solutions" for our customers that include many of these value added services.

Our solutions can be utilized in a wide range of industries including aerospace, energy, combustion testing, production automation and test environments.