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The backbone of our services is the development of software to integrate hardware and to control, monitor and analyse data.

MeasurePoint deliver software engineering design, development, integration and testing using a range of programming languages including LabVIEW, C#, Javascript and .Net.

Software needs solve today’s problem faster and more effectively with the capacity to evolve to meet your future challenges.

We offer integration with all measurement hardware, existing legacy software, and IP while capitalizing on the latest computing technologies.

MeasurePoint. We deliver full lifecycle engineering services.


We specialise in developing software solutions using National Instruments LabVIEW. Having experience in developing LabVIEW software for measurement and control challenges, and specific coding expertise such as LabVIEW FPGA we can help mitigate risk and shorten design cycles.

All our consultants are certified LabVIEW professionals at Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) or Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) level, with each consultant specialising in specific areas, including control, measurement, automation, and human machine interface (HMI) design.

Other Software

In addition to LabVIEW, we also have skills relating to other programming languages and software packages such as C#, ASP.Net, Javascript, HTML5, Matlab, Python, and others. This includes experience in integrating some of these software solutions into our LabVIEW solutions.

User Interface Design

Regardless of the back-end (LabVIEW, C#, Python) we generate and design ergonomic human machine interfaces. We build applications that not only meet your [functional] needs but that are also easy to use. Good user interface allows people who understand the problem domain to work with the application without having to read the manuals or receive training.

We will be happy to provide advice and support for all aspects of human-machine interfaces.