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We provide a full design service for our clients, from the provision of a single cable to a complete bespoke test rig.

With the pace of change continually accelerating and the pressure to do more with less increasing, new technologies are emerging faster than ever.

You need to take advantage of platforms that are flexible, open and connected whilst offering improved performance, yielding a more cost effective solution.

Let us show you the financial benefits and trade-offs between buying off–the-shelf tools versus a custom solution with traditional embedded system design tools.

MeasurePoint. We use the latest integrated hardware and software platforms.

Embedded Hardware Design and Software Design and Development

Embedded Hardware Design and Development is an integral part of a data acquisition system. Typically we compliment the embedded systems design with our in house software development services. This hardware design is for micro-controllers and micro-processors or smaller FPGA systems.

We have the facilities to develop hardware in-house and, if required, have reliable, expert third party associates available to assist with specialist services.

Mechanical Design and Development

In some projects, we only develop the software, but in others, we specify and set up data acquisition equipment and in others we deal with component purchasing, rack assembly and wiring so that we can supply a complete “turnkey system”. Our solution comes with the associated documentation, including General Assemblies, Cable Schedule, Parts Lists, and Drawings to enable the equipment to be fully supported through its working life.

Our mechanical experience includes metal enclosures from small rugged enclosures to large 19" 16U multi-slot chassis for emission analysers and server products.