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Test Services

Using cutting edge test facilities at DLR Cologne in Germany (HBK2, HBK3, HBK5) and Alstom's combustion research test facilities in Birr, Switzerland, Alstom drive research and development of gas turbines. There they test gas turbine engines with the focus of developing methods to produce cleaner power with increased efficiency. The experiments were conducted using fullscale engine hardware at full engine pressures at the test facilities at DLR and at atmospheric pressures in Birr.

MeasurePoint were appointed by Alstom to oversea the Data Acqusition System for all their test campaigns at the high pressure test facilities at DLR, Germany and Alstoms atmospheric combustion test facility in Birr, Switzerland.

MeasurePoint support the testing programmes by installing sensors and devices, developing and maintaining the data acquisition software systems, and configuring the system for the current test plan. During the test campaigns MeasurePoint troubleshoot any faults with the sensors, instruments, devices, networks and repair them accordingly, in addition to ensuring the live test data is of good quality for the combustion engineers.