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High-pressure combustor test facility

A new, world class, high-pressure combustor test facility designed and built at DLR in Cologne (Germany) to allow the development and testing of the most modern power plant technology for Alstom and Rolls Royce. The facility is designed in such way that the combustor systems of today’s and future gas turbines can be tested under realistic conditions and can be optimized over the entire operational envelope. In addition, the facility will allow the burning of different fuel qualities and fuel types.

MeasurePoint was appointed by Alstom to design, develop and implement the data acquisition instruments and system for the new test facility.

The data acquisition system consisted over 100 instruments for acquiring temperature, pressure, pulsations, emissions data and provided system control. The software (mpWare Controller), written solely in LabVIEW, acquired the data (over 1000 channels) from all the instruments at a rate of once per second. All the instruments and hardware are synchronised via PTP.

The instruments include CompactRIOs (NI_PSP protocol), MWE computer (OPCUA), Corvus (TCP/IP), Pressure Scanners (MODBUS), Rosemounts (Profibus) and any other sources that supports NI-PSP shared variables. In addition to the acquired data, mathematical or flex calc tags are also processed on the mpWare Controller software based on the configuration settings.

All the data is distributed live via TCP to all connected mpWare Clients and automatically saves the data to a Citadel Database.